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529 Egyptians Sentenced to Death for killing a police officer

MINYA, Egypt โ€” A crowd gathered outside a courthouse in the town of Matay erupted in wailing and rage on Monday when a judge sentenced 529 defendants to death in just the second session of their trial, convicting them of murdering a police officer in anger at the ouster of the Islamist president. Here in the provincial capital just a few miles away, schools shut down early, and many stayed indoors fearing a riot, residents said.

NyTimes: Hundreds of Egyptians Sentenced to Deathย 

WHAAATTT. sometimes all i know how to say is whaaattt. How in the HELL does a story like this exist.. and what the hell can we do about it? ย it is fucking absurd. just IN. SANE.


What I wish I was doing right now

What’s actually happening….